The Objectives of the Tribunal

  1. To receive from each country evidence highlighting the grave nature of the crimes committed against the “comfort women” and to clarify the consequent responsibility of the Japanese Government and its military;
  2. To have a clear analysis of the gendered nature of the crimes and to establish a gender-sensitive approach to the issues of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide;
  3. To involve the international community in shedding light about the nature of the crimes committed against the “comfort women” of Asia and to identify steps to be taken by the Japanese Government;
  4. To create an international movement supporting women’s issues on violence against women under war and armed conflict situations; and
  5. To end the impunity with which wartime sexual violence has been committed against women and to prevent such crimes from happening in the future.
Source: The program pamphlet of the Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery

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